A violin scroll.

Welcome to my MUMT618 Final Project report! In this website you will find information about my project on how the driving-point admittance, which captures the effects of the instrument body, has on the playability of bowed string instruments when played under static bowing conditions.

Playability is one of the essential characteristics, together with tone, that confer to many instruments their identity. New numerical methods for physically-based simulation of sound are allowing very detailed studies of how instruments respond to slightly different inputs, which is what playability is about. This project is a take at better understanding what happens when the driving-point admittance, one of the most intrinsic characteristics of bowed string instruments, changes.

The different sections are broken down into pages. Please use the left menu for navigation, or start here.

You can also find the slides from the presentation here, although are very visually oriented and do not contain much information by themselves.